The Mirror

The Mirror has a world class design with interesting widgets.
You can see multiple things on the mirror, from your agenda to the news. Our engineers programmed the mirror efficient and with LOVE!

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Our beautiful
world class design

The Mirror is made of Dutch crystal clear glass for the best experience. It's perfect shaped for the sleek view.

Time, Calendar, Weather and News

With our CMS you can easy set-up your MO Mirror.


You can put the MO Mirror everywhere, in the office, home or on your couch.

*It's possible to hang it on your wall (included).


The Mirror is made by third party products, a monitor from BENQ, aa Raspberry pi and the glass from a local store in The Netherlands. All together, MO Mirror!

  • Raspbian

    We are using the operating system Raspbian for the best performance.

  • Broadcom CPU

    With the Broadcom Quad Core 1.2GHz processor the Mirror is powerful to run all the widgets.

  • Content management system

    With our CMS you can easy change your widgets on the mirror.

  • Keep reinventing

    Our creative and adventurous employees brought their idea to life, we are more than happy of the result and are ready for the future.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.